(semi) Common Problems in IIS

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The start up of the websites in IIS under XP seems non-deterministic. I rebooted my laptop (which I normally hibernate) and when I went to navigate to the site in IIS Manager, choose “Start” gave me:

“The request is not supported.”

So I stopped VMWare’s website. Then I got:

“Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740 occurred.”

So I used TCPView from sysinternals. I could not locate the port conflict. So I guess it is time for a reboot.

WAIT! If you search in TCPView, you won’t see applicationName:80, you will see appplicationName:http ! So I found the application that took it over. (Skype, insidious, that is for another article. I don’t think Skype belongs one any machine used for development).

Killed that, now everything loads up properly.


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