2022.11.05 – The Magic at the Underground Lounge

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Event and Philanthropy

8 Wizards gathered for the first time at the Underground Lounge to battle Middle School magic in a Swiss+1 tournament. The venue was amazing! Great hospitality and great food at the Underground Lounge.

Entry fee was $10 donation to the Second Harvest Food Bank. At the end of the night, the bar matched our donation! We donated $160 to the Food Bank. Huge thanks to Brandon and the Underground Crew.

Big Up to Underground Lounge for the match!


Player Decklist Rank Points
Twan Carosone Natural Rebirth 1 9
Steven McGrew GW Threshold 2 9
Eric Caffrey Beastageddon 3 9
Robert Foflygen The Rock 4 9
Jerry Yang RDW 5 6
Rajah James BG NetherControl 6 3
Troy Magrini Madness 7 3
Kyle Wells Colorless Prison 8 0


Check out the text decklists on MTGMelee or keep scrolling for deck pics.

Notably only one Blue deck in the field! Just all-day midrange slap fights, where the wizard with the biggest dudesweats won. Not only did Twan win on points/breakers, he also won the player voted “Underground Brewmaster” award! Since you don’t get to win everything, Twan nominated Kyle Well’s Colorless Prison deck as the next best spicy deck. Congrats to Kyle Wells, who will receive a Recurring Nightmare altered card from Dan Anschutz! Honorable mentions go to Steven McGrew’s Threshold and Eric Caffrey’s Beasts.

Bob F – The Rock

Eric C – Beastageddon

Jerry – RDW

Kyle W – Colorless Prison

Rajah – Brian Hockey’s “Best Deck in Middle School”

Steven M – GW Threshold

Troy M – Madness

Twan C – Natural Rebirth


We didn’t get to take many pictures, since we were all living in the moment. One scene that did get capture was this story of “Kyle Learns About Haunting Echoes” in 3 parts:

I did get us together for a group picture!

8 Handsome Wizards

Full on Flyer. Seinfeld The Fallen

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