MS Discord League 2021.1 – T4

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Top 4

The playoffs are structured as a bracket system, with the 1st seed playing the 4th seed, and the 2nd seed playing the 3rd seed, and then the winner of each advancing to the finals with the same structure. All playoff pairings are best 3 out of 5 matches where each player brings 3 decks, playing them in a preset order, and then choosing whichever deck they prefer for match 4 and match 5 (if necessary). The higher seed gets to choose play/draw in the first match, and then the loser of the previous match gets the choice in subsequent matches.

Player Record Seed Seed
Andrew 8-1 1
Rajah 7-2 2
Michael 6-3 2
Lorien 5-4 (6-4) 4

Semi Final Play

2 vs. 3

In the middle seed semi, only four matches were played. Michael’s decks lined up very well against mine and his best deck was better than my best deck. Michael advances, winning 3-1.

Player 1 Deck Match Number Player 2 Deck
Michael Reckless Sligh Match 1 Rajah Black Dragon
Michael Merfolk Match 2 Rajah Enchantress
Michael BR Necro Match 3 Rajah UG OathStill
Michael BR Necro Match 4 Rajah Enchantress

1 vs. 4

In the top seed semi, it went all the way to the wire. Andrew’s Devourer came through with top decks in the end to take him across the line. Andrew advances 3-2, winning 3 times with the same deck!

Player1 Deck Batch Number Player 2 Deck
Andrew Devourer Match 1 Lorien Necro Rock
Andrew Tax Tog Match 2 Lorien Mono Red Sligh
Andrew Survival Elves Match 3 Lorien Mono Blue Prissssson
Andrew Devourer Match 4 Lorien Mono Red Sligh
Andrew Devourer Match 5 Lorien Mono Blue Prissssson


The finals featured some of the same decks we had seen previously, but they matched up in an interesting way. Mono Red showed its power across both the Semis and the Finals. Michael Arnold came away as the Champion of the MS Discord League, winning in 4 matches. Congrats to Michael!

Player 1 Deck Match Number Player 2 Deck
Andrew Jund Three Deuce Match 1 Michael BR Necro
Andrew Angry Ghoul Match 2 Michael Reckless Sligh
Andrew Tax Tog Match 3 Michael Survival Elves
Andrew Angry Ghoul Match 4 Michael Reckless Sligh

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