UX: Vintage Unleashed

UX is Vintage Unleashed, a supercharged version of Magic’s biggest and most powerful format. While Modern lets you play cards from as far back as 2003, and Vintage lets you play cards from any set in the 20+ year history of Magic, UX let’s you play even more!

We’ve pared down the restricted list (and the banned list!) greatly, using more relaxed guidelines and raising the number of broken interactions across the board. The UX restricted philosophy is that only tutors; the best, oldest fast mana; and unconditional, cheap draw-7s remain restricted. This includes all of the P9, for tradition’s sake. The most powerful decks of different eras square off, and new ones are created that combine multiple powerhouses.

UX matches are played to the best of five, using a sideboard only for games three, four, and five.

UX restricted list looks like this:

UX Banned list looks like this:

  • 25 cards with the Card Type “Conspiracy.” Click here for list.
  • 9 cards that reference “playing for ante.” Click here for list.
  • Dexterity cards like Chaos Orb and Falling Star
  • Because the Vintage Unleashed format is meant to be an inclusive space where all players are welcome to play in the way they want with the most exciting cards Magic has to offer, the cards banned by Wizards of the Coast as offensive are banned also in UX: Cleanse, Crusade, Imprison, Invoke Prejudice, Jihad, Pradesh Gypsies, and Stone-Throwing Devils. Please play better cards for better reasons.

Compared to the Vintage restricted list, the following cards are unrestricted or unbanned in UX, meaning you can play up to four copies between your maindeck and sideboard:

Download current UX B&R and Rules Changes. Last Commit: 2020-06-15.