Peg Luksik – Oblivious Republican

I just received a letter today from Peg Luksik’s campaign. This is the next in a long line of spam mailings I have gotten from conservative republicans. Her letter to me starts, “Dear fellow conservative, Do you believe in God? How about the values of hard work, self reliance and personal responsibility? Of course you do.

I am not a republican. I am not conservative. If you had to classify me then you could call me a progressive libertarian. I don’t know when republicans assumed that libertarians were god believing conservatives. Maybe this was because of Bob Barr’s candidacy this past presidential election. It sure is easier to assume that libertarians are just pissed off republicans, rather than representing a genuinely different political philosophy.

For each piece of mail I have received from these conservatives, I have sent their campaigns email to ask where they got my address from. I have not heard back from a single one of them. From this, I assume they took me off their mailing list and moved on. Let us wait and see.

I’m done being nice about this. Peg Luksik has broken the camel’s back on this one. My new tactic is to blog about their obliviousness and hopefully raise my page ranks high enough to have an impact.

Progressive libertarians unite!

3 comments on “Peg Luksik – Oblivious Republican

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  2. Dante Ardenz

    Peg Luksik is an absurd fanatic.As a survivor of vicious abuse by the overrated and now failing Catholic school system of the 70’s I see n Mrs Luksik all of the traits of one of there more enthusiastic graduatesThe women was brainwashed into believing in a limited view of life which she believes must be impossed on others if not by evangilism than by governmentJust the opposite of a classical conservative which most certainly she is not!Peg Luksik is not even Roman Catholic n the truest sense who’s social doctrine always sought justice and aide for a more balanced and stable society and belived innegiotiation over war.Peg Luksik is just an unattractive Palin.A typical crass neoconservative/fundemenilist.The ideology the vicious GOP fist adopted underNewt Gingrich,than embraced with great zeal by our nations worse modern Presiden George W.Bush.

  3. r.jimi Post author

    Hi Dante!

    Not sure how you found me out here, but glad you took some time to comment. I have to say that if I was a Pennsylvanian, I definitely would not be voting for Luksik. I do agree with your points about “classic” conservatism. Where has it gone? But the alternative seems to be Arlen Specter. Based on his voting record, I would not endorse him either. I may agree with him on many social issues, but his consistent record of voting for bigger government concerns me.

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