Oblivious Republicans are nice though.

I knew this would happen. The first candidate that I did something about (“something” being writing a blog) actually responded to my request to be removed from their mailing list. Here’s what I wrote, which is the same basic skeleton that I send to all conservative mailings I get:

“I’m writing to inquire as to how my name was obtained for your mass
mailing list and to ask to be removed from it.

Obviously you inferred my beliefs and values based on my membership or
association with that group, so I’d like to know who they are. If you
could please let me know so I can follow up with those people, that
would be much appreciated.

Thank you!”

In fairness to Peg Luksik, I’m publishing her campaign’s response below:

“Dear Mr. James,
This is Molly Luksik. I have forwarded your name to our mailing company to have your name removed. I’m waiting for an answer about which group they got your name from, but I wanted to make sure your name was removed without delay. Thank you very much for such a nice request, and have a great day.
Molly Luksik”

Big ups to the Luksiks for being cool about this. Note though that I didn’t go into a diatribe about “libertarians not equal republicans” in my letter to the Luksik campaign, so that part of my gripe remains. So while she may still be oblivious, at least they are responsive to email. Maybe they can actually provide me with the snake that sold my name, then I can go after that person or group.

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