MFCLERocs 2019

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MFCLERocs 2/23/2109
The event write up can be found on Eternal Central here.

My match record, good for 9th place. All my opponents were excellent and I enjoyed all my games.

  1. Sean Duffy, Win 2-0
  2. Matt Shields, Loss 1-2
  3. Brandon Wilkins, Win 2-0
  4. Brian Limbacher, Win 2-0
  5. Jon Revell, Win 2-1
  6. Eric Limbacher, Loss 0-2

Lender Decks
I was fortunate to be able to lend out 2 different decks to friends. Here are the two decks.

Cha1ns Deck


Bottlehouse Lakeweood
Strong venue choice. Very accommodating. 10/10 would do another event there.

The event raised a ton of money. It was really amazing and it will be hard to top monetarily. We will definitely do this again!

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