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Manastack (public)

The Restricted List is a great place to start when building good stuff decks. Most of the restricted list in your deck means you have lines for some insane plays and a lot of fun.

SoLoMox – Artifact Manas. Speed up your game.

Library – Can take over the game on it’s own. Often cited as a big reason why Strip Mine is unrestricted.

Draw 7’s – Can get you back in the game. Gives ‘insane play’ feelings. Addictive to play.

Ancestral, Walk, Geyser – Also addictive to cast.

DT – Get what you need.

Channel – Busted if you get 4x. Nothing much sweeter than a Channel Ball kill.

Regrowth / Recall – Getting cards back can be very powerful.

Time Vault – Would be quite broken as a 4 of. Twiddle Vault!

Balance – Can do so much. Casting Balance, then sac’ing all your lands to Dark Heart of the Wood? So good.

Mind Twist – Makes the Draw 7’s even better. Twister, then Twist? Yes please.

Mana Drain – As a restricted spell, this is essentially a counter spell, with possible mana burn attached. Best play is probably into a Mind Twist or Geyser. Along with other restricted spells, can do some cool lines, like draining your own Fireball, Time Walk, then Regrowth/Recall the Fireball for a bigger fireball!

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