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Oblivious Republicans are nice though.

I knew this would happen. The first candidate that I did something about (“something” being writing a blog) actually responded to my request to be removed from their mailing list. Here’s what I wrote, which is the same basic skeleton that I send to all conservative mailings I get: “I’m writing to inquire as to […]

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Peg Luksik – Oblivious Republican

I just received a letter today from Peg Luksik’s campaign. This is the next in a long line of spam mailings I have gotten from conservative republicans. Her letter to me starts, “Dear fellow conservative, Do you believe in God? How about the values of hard work, self reliance and personal responsibility? Of course you […]

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D.C. Style

I made a trip to Washington D.C. during my undergraduate career. Me, my brother and our friend Ryan. We were there to attend “The Godless Americans March on Washington” (GAMOW). I intended to collect video for my culminating project in my philosophy major. Writing about this makes me want to get the footage in shape […]

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Capital City Brewing

I ate here. It was pretty good, but the thing that kills brew pubs for me in D.C. is the lack of growlers (they are illegal). meh. The fish and chips was less than spectacular, but the beer was good. I had: Amber Waves Bier de Garde (Ale) Fuel (Stout) The last two are seasonal […]

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Reform the Libertarian Party

More on this later…

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