Windows 7 – Ext2IFS – Reboot Problem

Here’s another guy’s issues with Ext2IFS not remembering the drive letters on reboot. His solution is to run some scripts on startup.

Don’t want to post the scripts? I’m sure it isn’t difficult, but any jump start is generally worthwhile. I was about to report also, but if Stephan already knows, then I’m sure it will be investigated.

Anyway, if I get around to it and do this myself, I will post my scripts.

2 comments on “Windows 7 – Ext2IFS – Reboot Problem

  1. Ewan Marshall

    The scripts are very specific, just lines like this:

    mountvol H:\ “\\?\Volume{44af6184-40a4-11de-a9d8-001e8c9ac9dd}\”

    Of course both drive letter and volume ID are unique to each machine.

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