Why Live Messenger, IE suck

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NO SPELL CHECK. Why do these products not have a built in spell checker? Or maybe they do but I can’t find it? Any MS apologists want to explain the rationale?

I got iespell, I haven’t noticed it actually working in IE 8.

I have switched back to Pidgin for many reasons. The damn ad rotator in MSN Live can be blocked by editing the hosts file, which is generally located at %WINDOWS%\System32\Drivers\Etc.

Add the following line: rad.msn.com

But, the lack of spell check broke the camel’s back. I’m back to Pidgin for messaging. Which now has a SameTime (Lotus Notes) plug-in, which is kinda sweet. Go go FOSS!

/end rant

3 comments on “Why Live Messenger, IE suck

  1. r.jimi Post author

    I have gTalk, MSN, Yahoo and AIM setup within pidgin.

    I must admit a bit of ignorance as to how Pidgin achieves all its connectivity.

    I know gTalk is XMPP. Is MSN too?

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  2. ewanm89

    One can use jabber transports to access other networks, yahoo one broken for last few weeks for basically due to the fact they updated their servers, new protocol version is almost ready though.

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