Clone SharePoint 2010 VM

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Cloning the VM
Copy existing SharePoint VM. In this case I have VS2010 SharePoint Foundation dev VM. I wanted to clone it and upgrade it to Enterprise, to have both VMs in my kit. This was a standalone farm installation with a full SQL 2k8 install.

  1. Rename the SharePoint server.

    • Rename-SPServer -Identity "wfb1" -Name "WFE1"
    • This example changes the name of the SharePoint server wfb1 to WFE1.
  2. Rename the SQL Server.
    • Get current server name.

      SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS 'Current_Name'
    • Execute the following, substituting your values.

      Use Master
      sp_dropserver "Current_Name"
      sp_addserver "New_Name", local

  3. Rename the server
  4. Set up Sql Alias for SharePoint
  5. Throw in some reboots and maybe mix up the order of operations if things don’t go as planned. It is a VM so if things get borked, start over. It is important to rename SharePoint before renaming SQL. I did it like: Rename server, then rename sharepoint, then rename sql. That was bad until I figured out SQL Alias was the only was to repoint the configuration db. Then a couple of reboots or so and good. Ah well. Good luck!

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