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Davey (Will Brill) As I sit ready to attend the next PICT production, Private Lives, I realize that this blog about their last play has yet to be finished.

This show blew me away.” Being a lay-theatre critic, the hard part is coming up with gems like that. I will admit I was not originally psyched to go to this play. This stemmed from PICT marketing’s usage of an alternate tag line. “He loves his cat more than his life.” Since I have mixed feelings about cats, I was less than excited to see a play about a guy who loved his cat so much. My parents came with me to the show and I couldn’t tell them much about the plot, since I didn’t know anything about it except for that line. I told them it was about some cat-guy, which they made fun of, referencing Elanor (The Crazy Cat Lady) from The Simpsons. Hah-Hah!

When we got there, there was a new sub-title slash tagline “The terrorism comedy.” It was only then that I realized what this play could be about, so I was a bit more excited to see it. That and the fact that it was being staged in the black box theater, I eagerly led the way for my parents.

When the play started and I heard the Irish accents, it reminded me of why I am a PICT subscriber. I love it! The lead character, the Lt. of Inishmore, I remembered him from Julius Caesar, I think he was Mark Anthony. The true tone of the play comes out very early and my initial shock and horror at the premise and setting subsided quickly. This play was all out and unapologizing in its graphic critique of the insanity of violence. Extremely good production, great looking stage blood and effects. My thoughts immediately following the show were, “This play has all the qualities of Starship Troopers, except it lacks co-ed naked showers of the future.” The leading lady, hottie Amy Ward is a good Denise Richards replacement and handles her guns just as well, probably better. My dad, formerly in the armed forces, is not a “play” guy, but he liked it, so did mom.

If there is a production of this show ever again, anywhere, I recommend it to you. And take you parents.

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