Ready for Ace Rizzle at the Rex?

ZOMG. Aesop Rock in Pittsburgh. You won’t most likely read this before the show tonight (doors open right now?). But I just want to say “Who the ‘eph is handling Def Jux street team duties in Pittsburgh?” I happened to walk through the Carnegie Mellon University Center yesterday and saw a photocopy handbill for Aesop Rock’s show tonight at the Rex Theatre. I am vet of the larger venue around here, Mr. Smalls, but yeah, never been to the Rex. Well, hopefully the lower key marketing equals more dollars in the pocket of one of my favorite lyricists and rapper.

I assume that it is a smaller venue, I don’t know Aesop, but I would figure he might feel somewhat out of place at a larger venue like Mr. Smalls.

I plan on copping his latest, “None Shall Pass” at the show, maybe there will be some other cool assorted merch as well. If you aren’t going to be able to make it to one of the shows, go cop it here.

I’ll be back later, maybe with a couple pics and a full report.

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