LaTeX in Ubuntu

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No Good Deed
It has been a while since I teX’ed it up, not being in school anymore. I would love to use it in document creation for work, but Word is an industry ‘standard’. I’m helping a friend with this later today and I want to get ready.

Following the guide from linuxAndFriends I went about setting up LaTeX on Ubuntu laptop.

The only ray of sun you could touch without the fear of burning
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This installs a lot of stuff you probably won’t need. But better safe than sorry. If you are on a space limited, probably use something like synaptic to go back and prune out stuff.

After that, I installed Kile, as I had used it before and the setup was pretty easy. It is available in Universe.

Check out Linux App Finder for a list of other front ends.

Cheers! 🙂

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