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Picture of the TSI:VR decklist, All-Knowing Dragon

Last night I got to record as a guest on the Serious Vintage podcast! I got to talk about event organizing efforts for the Team Serious League and the Virtual Realm TSI. Thanks for having me on the podcast dudes!

Here’s the list I played for the TSI, given to me by Jimmy via JR the Dragon Master. I agonized over the card choices and how to optimize possibility for victory but I should have known better! I ended up 1-4 with this pile.

Rd 1. Jake – Bant Zirda
Rd 2. Jimmy – Singleton / Lurrus
Rd 3. Zias – Aggro Prison
Rd 4. Uli – Lurrus Waste Not
Rd 5. Tom – Lurrus Breach

My one win was in the first round against Jake. Thanks so much to Nat for organizing and Brassman for producing a brilliant stream as host!

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