The School For Scandal

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The first play that I've been able to attend with my PICT subscription. My original plan was to take my mom, but the show was the same night she flew in. Unfortunately, she also wasn't feeling too well, so I asked my friend Mike to go. Since I'm always late, it was good that Mike was coming, since he's normally a little less late than I am. In fact, we got down to Oakland in time, then drove around for about 25 minutes before deciding to pay to park at the Holiday Inn off of Forbes. At this point, we only had an hour before the show, so where to eat? Primantis!

Once we got to will call, they gave us our tickets, but then asked us to give them back because they were the wrong ones. Finally we get seated in the aisle, but I was glad for that. The show was hilarious and the costumes were great, but I'm not really too experienced with what goes into a good play review, so here's some links: 

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