Summer Derby 2019

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pulled the trigger with UR Machine Gun Shops
also won my first round. turns out opening on louts t1 is good. better when it happens both games
g1 was shop lotus trike
g2 was sea lotus twist for 3

i picked it bc i wanted to show my reb/bebs (pa would have had those) but also bc the factories and the Crunk Car juggernatu
i will probbly play PA at ospb if i don’t play shahrzad

Now 2-0 in the derby.
My rd 2 opp had md Energy Flux
4-0 in games
G1 was close but he was taking a lot of damage off cities and a few bashes from my trikes. Also he said he didn’t know it was Atlantic rules but
I could pay for one while I copied it so that was like 10 damage before he got his Demonic Hordes online.
Got him to one and ripped a black source to animate a trike to win
G2 was slower but he twisters like turn 2 after I play turn one juggernaut.
I get LoA in my twister hand and ride that as much as possible for a few turns, adding a few factories to go with the jugg (edited)
He gets library online but has to come off it play e flux
Finally also lands demonic hoardes at like 11 life.
He takes 1 off his Mana Vault to go to 10. I have enough to animate my remaining factory attack and cast bolt through his nethervoid,
Then I do it again to win

Match 3 vs John grudzina.
Lost 1-2.
Womp womp
G1 I juggernaut then Mind Twist his hand for a concession.
G2 I find out he is on a similar deck but esper and Tetravus vs juggernaut.
I get an early trike but he has double shop for Tetravus +suchi, followed by Tetravus
8power in the air and I don’t see my sb shatters
I sideboard correctly at least like I thought he was a control deck or so. I had to take out the rebs I brought in
I Mulligan every game to 6
G3 was a mono Copy Artifact hand. I copied artifact his su chi. He Divine Offering it. Repeat.
So died

Match 4 was UW Skies, Arnaud. Counters, disenchant and Moat are the story. Lose 2-0

2-2 to start. Probably out of it but all good because… “Summer Summer Summer Time. I just sit back and unwind.”

Batch 2 was a blur.

B2r1 was vs. Merfolk and md energy flux.
B2r2 I played today vs a cool urw rukh egg/diamond valley deck
3 games in both
G2 vs Merfolk he stabilized at 1 life. I just needed a bolt or mana for 4 turns and couldn’t find it

:muscle: beat mono black 2-0.
5-2 now

Won round 8 to end 6-2.

Will see if I squeak into t8
Probably not

Gah. My two early losses meant one of my batch one opponents dropped

I had pretty abysmal tie breaks. I ended up 23rd, only beat three other 18 pointers.
142 ppl
Started the thing

Yeah I have to say it was fun copying juggernaut

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