Pengpod 700 Android Install

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After several attempts to install an image via Windows, I quit.

Penguins loving VII

On my appropriately equipped Ubuntu machine, I did the instructions from here.

Note that I forked their repo. You should too.

Fetch and Install LiveSuit

mkdir cubie; cd cubie
git clone
cd allwinner-pack-tools
git checkout cubieboard
cp tools/

cd LiveSuit_For_Linux64
chmod +x
sudo ./

Since the PengPod site had to shut down their operations and kill the high hosting costs, the latest images seemed hard to come by. A nice forum member MagicalNL shared them.

I have reshared the image on drive. Hash was added by me, there was no hash on the original image.

Sudo on Ubuntu in order to allow the script to install stuff (proprietary aw usb driver and other).

Choose the image.


Unfortunately the ROM is not rooted. After some searching I found that there was a special version of SuperOneClick needed.

It is included in the drive. Use it and be happy 🙂

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