MS1057 – Wean off Winodws

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Windows has been the primary OS since the machine came into service. Not that I’m a big fan of windows or anything like that, but the driver support on other OS’s was lacking; at the time, I needed the machine up and running something right away.

That was back in April. I’m glad for the Windows support of my machine. But not overly excited by it. If another OS was dominant, they (the hardware manufacturers) would actively provide support for that one. I digress. Way back when I got the machine, I was planning on triple booting it, having somewhere read that the board in it was compatible with OS X. So I partitioned the disk in such a way that the machine would be able to do just that. Since then, however, I’ve only used Windows. Quicken is about the only thing that I use that requires Windows. I really don’t like Quicken, but I need it, so that will be something I’ll have to address.

Since I’ve been setting up ‘superstar’ for my daughter, I’ve seen and experienced the great simplicity of gentoo as a client OS, especially since my servers are all gentoo as well.

Currently, I’m typing this on ‘superstar’ and burning the 2006.1 ISO on the windows partition of the 1057. I’m following the 2006.1 handbook. For complete details, check back for my MS1057 page.

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