MS Discord League 2021.1 Batch Play

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Batch Play

Jesse had to drop after Batch 1. Michael was able to step in and complete the remaining matches.

Player Deck Batch Number Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Opponent 3 
Rob The Rock Batch 1 Andrew Chad Jesse (Michael)
Andrew Dead Guy Ale Batch 1 Rob Jesse (Michael) Rajah
Chad Pestilence Batch 1 Rob Lorien Cayce
Jesse (Michael) Dreadnought Batch 1 Rob Andrew Matt
Lorien Esper Rebels Batch 1 Chad Angelo Cayce
Rajah Stroke and Tell Batch 1 Andrew Eric Matt
Eric Dega Slide Batch 1 Rajah Angelo Cayce
Angelo Mono G Prison Batch 1 Lorien Eric Matt
Matt Turbo Werm Batch 1 Jesse (Michael) Rajah Angelo
Cayce GroADrake Batch 1 Chad Lorien Eric
Rob Mono B Zombies Batch 2 Lorien Rajah Eric
Andrew Replenish Batch 2 Chad Angelo Cayce
Chad Squeek Attack Batch 2 Andrew Eric Matt
Michael Survival Elves Batch 2 Rajah Angelo Cayce
Lorien Esper Tog Batch 2 Rob Eric Matt
Rajah Techno Druid Batch 2 Rob Michael Angelo
Eric Dega Slide Batch 2 Rob Chad Lorien
Angelo UB Control Batch 2 Andrew Michael Rajah
Matt Turbo Werm Batch 2 Chad Lorien Cayce
Cayce Cocoa Pebbles Batch 2 Andrew Michael Matt
Rob UG OathStill Batch 3 Angelo Matt Cayce
Andrew Survival Elves Batch 3 Lorien Eric Matt
Chad UG OathStill Batch 3 Michael Rajah Angelo
Michael Necro Batch 3 Chad Lorien Eric
Lorien Necro Sui Storm Batch 3 Andrew Michael Rajah
Rajah Red Deck Wins Batch 3 Chad Lorien Cayce
Eric Dega Slide Batch 3 Andrew Michael Matt
Angelo Da Shark Batch 3 Rob Chad Cayce
Matt Turbo Werm Batch 3 Rob Andrew Eric
Cayce Tradewind Survival Batch 3 Rob Rajah Angelo


At the end of Batch play, 3 players were tied with a 5-4 record. Lorien beat both Rob and Eric head-to-head, so took the top play-in seed. The winner of Eric v. Rob would face Lorien in the play-in final. The rules required everyone to play their batch 3 deck but Rob went rogue, so we have a few bonus lists from the play-in. Lorien defeated Rob in two games to make the top 4.

Player Deck Batch Number Opponent 1
Rob RDW Playin 1 Eric
Eric Dega Slide Playin 1 Rob
Rob RDW Playin 2 Lorien
Lorien UB Stiflenought Playin 2 Rob

Top 4

Top seed plays bottom seed in the semis, with the Number 2 seed facing off against the Number 3 seed. Higher seed goes first in game 1.

Player Record Seed Seed
Andrew 8-1 1
Rajah 7-2 2
Michael 6-3 2
Lorien 5-4 (6-4) 4

Player’s Deck’s


Dead Guy Ale Replenish Survival Elves


Mono G Prison UB Control Da Shark


GroADrake Cocoa Pebbles Tradewind Survival


Pestilence Squeek Attack UG OathStill


Dega Slide


Esper Rebels Esper Tog Necro Sui Storm UB Stiflenought


Turbo Werm Turbo Werm Turbo Werm

Michael (Jesse)

Dreadnought (Jesse) Survival Elves (Michael) Necro (Michael)


Stroke and Tell Techno Druid Red Deck Wins


The Rock Mono B Zombies UG OathStill RDW

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