Movix2 to the rescue!

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So, let’s say that you are a road warrior type. Let’s then also say that you keep a good amount of videos and albums on your external hard drive. You’ve installed PortableApps with VLC to be able to play the videos off of the hard drive.

But what happens when you go on a visit and your friend has changed the password on their computer? You can’t log in to Windows to be able to even run VLC. Enter Movix2! It let’s you boot up the computer that you have physical access to (so long as there is no bios password or if there is, that it is set to boot from Removable Media first), into a Linux-based media playing machine!

I had two previous unsuccessful tries with WOMP and GeeXboX. Those two weren’t able to auto-detect the frame buffer correctly so the screen just was blank. Movix2 is my vote for best Mplayer Live CD. Check it out if you need to play some media.


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