Gnu/Linux and Dell CPi A366

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So I’ve been telling a friend that I have a laptop for him. Now he actually wants it. So I went and turned it on; apparently I once thought that it would be a good idea to put Gentoo on the thing. So I logged in and ran

emerge --sync

which didn’t take too long. Next, I ran my usual

emerge -NuDav world

and looking at the packages, which included a bash upgrade, I figured it would take a while. So I said yes, and off it went. And went. And went. That was three weeks ago and I finally had to cut it off. It was still compiling bash when I stopped the madness.

Fast forward to the present day. I installed Xubuntu, which uses Xfce desktop environment. It is now installed and running pretty well. If you have an older, lower spec machine that you want a free OS for, try out Xubuntu.

1 comment on “Gnu/Linux and Dell CPi A366

  1. digitalmeh

    After doing this install and setup, my friend’s neighbor asked how much it would cost to setup his ailing Dell C600 like my buddies. I told him that I would take a look at it for free and then let him know.

    Initially, I was told it was desktop, but then when I went to look at it, it was in fact a laptop. This made it much easier, but after examining it, I think that it needs more RAM. I am trying to install xubuntu on it right now, but it is just kind of struggling along right now with 128 meg. I guess we’ll see.

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