All-In Reanimator at Eternal Weekend 2017

“I’m bringing Bolas back, yeah!”

Old School 93-94 at Eternal Weekend 2017 – ALL Decklists and Photo Report

RD 1 – Ben Katz – BYE – 1-0
He didn’t show up. I get to meet Mr. Jimmy McCarthy, whose opponent also didn’t show up. We jammed a match and I lost. He was on mono green or GW shops.

RD 2 – Jonathan Sparks – Loss – 1-1
Grixis Deck with Royal Assassin. Awesome.

RD 3 – Shaman Ben – Win 2-1
The librarian was on his signature Eureka deck. I believe I remember winning this on turn 4 of extra turns, after casting Time Walk on turn 3.

RD 4 – Jeremy Chien – Loss – 1-2
Don’t recall this one.

RD 5 – Dan Luchesa – Win
I don’t remember what Dan was on, I now know him pretty well.

RD 6 – Randy Beuhler – Win
Randy on The Deck. Had some really busted opening plays and won in 2.

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