CDs are NOT like tapes

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A quick one here.

So my girl does choreography and she recently did a camp for a high school cheer squad. At the camp, she gave the coach a copy of the music on a CD-R. Girls on the team were also allowed to purchase a copy of the music (CD-R) for themselves, for $1.

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That was 2 months ago. This week, she gets a call from the coach, complaining that her CD wasn’t working and to request a new copy. While this would be fine normally, this particular school is not close. So instead, it was suggested that she just make a copy from one of the girls on the team, since 13 of the girls got copies.

The coach was VERY wary of this and really wanted an “official” version from the company and not a copy from one of the girls. The best part is that the coach’s daughter is on the team and has a copy! After trying, unsuccessfully, to explain that a digital copy is the same no matter who makes it, she had to give up. The coach really thought that CDs are like tapes, with quality degradation between copies.

This is very funny to me but also tragic. CDs are not like tapes.

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