New Android Tablets – Archos 101

So I jumped onboard the new Android tablet craze a couple months back with Augen’s Gentouch78. It was available at Kmart for short time and I thought it was quite fun for a little while. They have (had?) a nice forum. The community got it rooted pretty quickly, one guy LinCracker in particular doing a lot of work, getting Clockwork Recovery working and packaging a gApps/Market fix download. All was well and cool for like a month.

But then he sold his, so I put mine up on ebay. I learned what I liked and didn’t like. I knew I wanted a capacitive touch screen and a front facing web cam. Enter Archos 101. Seemingly exactly what I had wanted, I placed a pre-order for this a month ago and it still has not shipped.

I am about to hop off the new Android tablet craze to see what might be coming. Maybe I will just get a laptop?

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