MS1057 Gentoo – Where is 2006.0 Universal x86 InstallCD?

Got a new rig. Pretty killer, will have some hardware info here later. Put it all together and it boots nicely, tried a few livecd's, nice as well.

 Anyway, since i run several Gentoo boxen as servers and have wanted a working GNU/Linux laptop for a while, I thought I'd go with it. So I go to my local gentoo mirror 's current directory and …

Where is the gentoo universal installcd for x86? I've only ever done AMD64 installs and normally minimal at that. But this new machine has an unrecognized Realtek network card, but it looks like Realtek has linux sources for it, so I figured I'd do a networkless install.

After several futile hours, i conclude that the 2006.0 release doesn't support networkless install yet. I base this on the fact that I couldn't find an x86 iso with stages and snapshots (the x86 LiveCD has a snapshot, but no stage)

I will happily report that ethernet-over-firewire was automatically configured by the livecd as eth0. Using a 4-pin to 6-pin cable, i was able to connect to my Pismo. After manually configuring a local network (Pismo as 192.168.x.y and MS1057 as 192.168.x.z), I could scp files from Pismo to MS1057. I guess I could have just kept going and bridged the internet connection on the pismo, but that seemed like a huge hassle.

No universal 2006.0 for x86? They are assuming a working network here I guess. So, I went back to the older installcd and I'm going to go from there.

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