Hard Reset Nokia s60 Phone – n93i

Here’s the link.

I used only one ‘code’ – hard reset.

To do a hard reset:

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Hold down:
    • 3 button
    • Green button
    • * button
  3. While holding these down, turn on the power.
  4. All done, should be all reset.
  5. Make sure to format the memory card too!

2 comments on “Hard Reset Nokia s60 Phone – n93i

  1. tj

    hey buddy i tried but when i the phone turns on its still the same
    you see i forgot the unlock code on my phone and im trying top reset the phone

  2. r.jimi Post author

    Not sure what you mean, but if your phone is locked this doesn’t change that. It just formats the phone memory to factory settings.

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