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Pengpod 700 Android Install

After several attempts to install an image via Windows, I quit. On my appropriately equipped Ubuntu machine, I did the instructions from here. Note that I forked their repo. You should too. Fetch and Install LiveSuit mkdir cubie; cd cubie git clone https://github.com/rykerwilliams/allwinner-pack-tools.git cd allwinner-pack-tools git checkout cubieboard cp tools/Livesuit-linux.zip cd unzip Livesuit-linux.zip cd LiveSuit_For_Linux64 […]

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First Rant

This is my first post. r.jimi asked me to be a guest author, so here is my first rant: Why are you reading this? Is your life so¬†crappy and lacking any fun at all that you would take the time to actually read what I have to say? Go home! Haha, no what I really […]

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