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Microsoft.Build.dll from Mono for Windows

You need this to make NuGet.exe work on Monodevelop for Linux. Microsoft.Build MD5: d7b64bde8bf332ea90acbd3b995e63d6 You can download and install Mono for Windows yourself. Then find the dll at: c:\Program Files (x86)\Mono\lib\mono\4.0\

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Clone SharePoint 2010 VM

Cloning the VM Copy existing SharePoint VM. In this case I have VS2010 SharePoint Foundation dev VM. I wanted to clone it and upgrade it to Enterprise, to have both VMs in my kit. This was a standalone farm installation with a full SQL 2k8 install. Rename the SharePoint server. Rename-SPServer -Identity “wfb1” -Name “WFE1” […]

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Emerge Desktop

Emerge Desktop rocks. Very calming, minimal shell. Configure as you go, you will figure out what programs you actually use most. Another benefit is learning what your executable files are actually called and where they are located, in preparation for Server 2012.

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WCF Service Testing With soapUI

I tried WCFStorm but there was a big bug? that I couldn’t get resolved. Or maybe it is a feature. Either way, it wasn’t gonna work for my testing purposes. I looked around and found a series of articles on using soapUI to test your services. Here’s the list of them: Marcusoft.net Article 1 Marcusoft.net […]

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Both DataSource and DataSourceID are defined in Gridview1

Why would I be getting this error if not using a datasourceid? via Both DataSource and DataSourceID are defined in Gridview1. If you have gotten this error before then you probably just migrated your ASP.NET application to a different server with a different database name. I am using Linq to SQL in my code and […]

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