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Emerge Desktop

Emerge Desktop rocks. Very calming, minimal shell. Configure as you go, you will figure out what programs you actually use most. Another benefit is learning what your executable files are actually called and where they are located, in preparation for Server 2012.

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Windows 7 – Ext2IFS – Reboot Problem

Here’s another guy’s issues with Ext2IFS not remembering the drive letters on reboot. His solution is to run some scripts on startup. Don’t want to post the scripts? I’m sure it isn’t difficult, but any jump start is generally worthwhile. I was about to report also, but if Stephan already knows, then I’m sure it […]

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Windows 7 Hotkeys

This guy Brandon (not Brendon) has a cool list of Windows 7 hot keys. I accidentally discovered the WIN+ combinations; then I figured that this may not be an accident! Thanks for the info!

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VMWare Server 2 – Windows 7 – Ext2IFS

I have been using Ext2IFS driver on different windows version starting in XP, then Vista, now Windows 7. I installed the latest VMWare Server 2 and tried to open up my old VM. Got an error like VMware Workstation cannot open one of the virtual disks needed by this VM because it is larger than […]

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Taskbar fails redraw resize – Windows 7

Hey gang. Windows 7 is seemingly the best version of Windows yet. I’m tempted to add a category for it. Anyway, I wanted to share this little weirdness with you, which I’m sure will be resolved when Windows 7 goes retail. An issue occurs when you resize the taskbar (I accidentally did). Basically, just move […]

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