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Convert .dm files from OVI store to .sis or .sisx in Linux

A dm file can be easily made a true sis(x) file. Just open the .dm file that you got from the Ovi Store with a good text editor like Notepad++. In linux use ghex, it is available in Universe. Launch Your Editor Launch ghex and open your file. In the right hand pane, delete from […]

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Straight Talk Sim, Nokia N85, and APN Setup

Just received my Straight Talk sim card from them. I ordered the AT&T full sized sim card. I was pretty excited because I got it right before the expiration of my old prepaid service ran out. I was using RedPocket before, at $59.99 for unlimited talk, text and data. I had been using it for […]

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Hard Reset Nokia s60 Phone – n93i

Here’s the link. I used only one ‘code’ – hard reset. To do a hard reset: Turn the phone off. Hold down: 3 button Green button * button While holding these down, turn on the power. All done, should be all reset. Make sure to format the memory card too!

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n85 – Conversation doesn’t work…

I tried the Nokia program Conversation.But it didn’t do anything. But then I copied my SIM contacts to the phone. Now it works. So to use Conversation, all your contacts have to be on the phone.

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Nokia n85 aka “The best phone I’ve ever owned”

I got an n85. In making my decision, I used various sources. GSM Arena Vox YouTube – Mobile Burn Of course, Howard Forums. From what I have read and from my own experience with the phone in the last month, the more I feel like I have gotten in on the N-series and Nokia in […]

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