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Opendipity or Western Digital MyBook World Edition Hacks

So it is a great thing when a piece of hardware you bought turns out to run Linux. Serendipity specifically related to electronics and ability to run FOSS, maybe opendipity? I had bought the Western Digital MyBook NAS device because it of the network attached nature, the 1 TB size, and what I thought was […]

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Nothin’ Finer Than Minella’s Diner!

Minella‚Äôs Diner View Larger Map This review was going to be a bit shorter than the others, mostly because I was quite drunk when I got the food, so I thought that every day that I waited to write this would make the memory fuzzier and foggier, but the food must have actually been good, […]

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A Sandwich By Any Other Name…

Review of Antonella’s Italian Kitchen

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