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IIS Web Service Extensions

If your ASP or ASP.NET application is not working, make sure to check Web Service Extensions. Confirm that ASP / ASP.NET is not prohibited.

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(semi) Common Problems in IIS

The start up of the websites in IIS under XP seems non-deterministic. I rebooted my laptop (which I normally hibernate) and when I went to navigate to the site in IIS Manager, choose “Start” gave me: “The request is not supported.” So I stopped VMWare’s website. Then I got: “Unexpected error 0x8ffe2740 occurred.” So I […]

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IIS <3s c#

Creating Application Pools Using System.DirectoryServices This is very cool. Soon I will have a web application where I can choose an existing physical path, clone it to a new name, then create a virtual directory and application for it.

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