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Microsoft.Build.dll from Mono for Windows

You need this to make NuGet.exe work on Monodevelop for Linux. Microsoft.Build MD5: d7b64bde8bf332ea90acbd3b995e63d6 You can download and install Mono for Windows yourself. Then find the dll at: c:\Program Files (x86)\Mono\lib\mono\4.0\

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Opendipity or Western Digital MyBook World Edition Hacks

So it is a great thing when a piece of hardware you bought turns out to run Linux. Serendipity specifically related to electronics and ability to run FOSS, maybe opendipity? I had bought the Western Digital MyBook NAS device because it of the network attached nature, the 1 TB size, and what I thought was […]

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Post to usenet anonymously via GNU/Linux

Usenet and Binaries Usenet binary posts are a great way to share and store your files in a persistent way, taking advantage of the automatic replication that occurs across so many different Usenet servers. This coupled with tracking your files using NZB’s, you should be able to ensure your files will be available somewhere. NZB […]

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Rosewill RNX N100 in Ubuntu Gnu/Linux

Here it is. Not that impressive and from reading the reviews, it might be a cheap plastic piece of crap. I thought that mine was. I couldn’t get it to work under Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 or OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. I don’t have any personal windows machines any more that aren’t virtual. Anyway, I […]

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GTDInbox for Gmail – Easy email management, organization and workflow based on GTD

GTDInbox for Gmail – Easy email management, organization and workflow based on GTD. So I have never, ever been good at organization. I have tried many different products and disciplines to get organized, but I have yet to find one that works for me. After a non-exhaustive search this morning, I have settled on trying […]

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