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How to Install Android SDK on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Followed this guide and was able to set it up. Worked as the date of this post. Let me know otherwise. How to Install Android SDK on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. photo credit: amika_san

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Epic 4g CyanogenMod

Cyanogenmod for Epic 4g Serendipity! I was just thinking about trading in the old Samsung work standby for a new iPhone. Although all the other devices in my ecosystem are Android, I figured adding iOS back to the mix would mean changing how I do things again. photo credit: Ferran Rodenas Also, all my Android […]

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New Android Tablets – Archos 101

So I jumped onboard the new Android tablet craze a couple months back with Augen’s Gentouch78. It was available at Kmart for short time and I thought it was quite fun for a little while. They have (had?) a nice forum. The community got it rooted pretty quickly, one guy LinCracker in particular doing a […]

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Android YouTube hella sweeter.

Full youtube on G1/T-Mobile vs. cramped/restricted youtube on iPod touch, even on my own wifi. Discuss.

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Outlook setup! iPhone, G1, etc.

If you work for a smaller company and want to get Outlook on your mobile, tell you IT guys to follow this guide! I have excerpted the cheap and easy way here, for posterity. But go look at the original post, it has pictures. Method #3 (easy and cheap) Create a secondary virtual directory for […]

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