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Alfonse Trebagougou

“Penny Wiseguys” | The Simpsons | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club. Trebek (on TV): “And now it’s time for Final Jeopardy. Pay attention players, the category is..–” (TV clicked off by Legs.) Legs: “You think you’re so smart Alex Trebek? I remember when you were Alfonse Trebagougou!” This post is in honor […]

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CDs are NOT like tapes

A quick one here. So my girl does choreography and she recently did a camp for a high school cheer squad. At the camp, she gave the coach a copy of the music on a CD-R. Girls on the team were also allowed to purchase a copy of the music (CD-R) for themselves, for $1. […]

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n85, internet and fm radio

Ok, so I just started a new contract and they have a no streaming radio policy. Fair enough, it is their bandwidth. Basically I just wanted to point out that the n85 is capable of picking up local FM stations and will even download the local station guide for you. Additionally, any internet radio with […]

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Android YouTube hella sweeter.

Full youtube on G1/T-Mobile vs. cramped/restricted youtube on iPod touch, even on my own wifi. Discuss.

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Mr. Lif @ Grog Shop

Tonight yo! Hopefully Lif isn’t too tired. I know from reading interviews and such with Lif that performing shows isn’t neccessarily his thing, but I’ve been down since “Emergency Rations”. I myself am tired, trying to keep lively at work. I have enough tasks, just don’t want to do them. Whooo! Lif! (Smacks self across […]

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