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Alfonse Trebagougou

“Penny Wiseguys” | The Simpsons | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club. Trebek (on TV): “And now it’s time for Final Jeopardy. Pay attention players, the category is..–” (TV clicked off by Legs.) Legs: “You think you’re so smart Alex Trebek? I remember when you were Alfonse Trebagougou!” This post is in honor […]

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Android YouTube hella sweeter.

Full youtube on G1/T-Mobile vs. cramped/restricted youtube on iPod touch, even on my own wifi. Discuss.

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Ubuntu – Mounting ISO files etc.

Ok, so I switched all my desktop linuxes to Ubuntu over Gentoo. Servers are still Gentoo, but I want to be in the main stream for desktop OSes. This is mainly so I can support my friends usage of the OS. So I just wanted to comment on a nice script for mounting you ISO […]

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The Wu-pdate – From FLA

Conferences generally suck. Especially if you are an exhibitor. But we will not dwell, we will excel! Pittsburgh has been added to the official schedule. That is good because I was worried that this show venue was removed, not added. Now I know. So go watch Triumph.

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Wu comin’ through, the outcome is critical…

Anyone read this blog? Probably not, since I update it so infrequently. But if you do, and if you have seen the calendar, then you know what is coming. That’s right. A swarm of Killa Bees! Each week or so leading up to the show, I will try to post a link or two with […]

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