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Convert .dm files from OVI store to .sis or .sisx in Linux

A dm file can be easily made a true sis(x) file. Just open the .dm file that you got from the Ovi Store with a good text editor like Notepad++. In linux use ghex, it is available in Universe. Launch Your Editor Launch ghex and open your file. In the right hand pane, delete from […]

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Straight Talk Sim, Nokia N85, and APN Setup

Just received my Straight Talk sim card from them. I ordered the AT&T full sized sim card. I was pretty excited because I got it right before the expiration of my old prepaid service ran out. I was using RedPocket before, at $59.99 for unlimited talk, text and data. I had been using it for […]

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n85, internet and fm radio

Ok, so I just started a new contract and they have a no streaming radio policy. Fair enough, it is their bandwidth. Basically I just wanted to point out that the n85 is capable of picking up local FM stations and will even download the local station guide for you. Additionally, any internet radio with […]

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Hard Reset Nokia s60 Phone – n93i

Here’s the link. I used only one ‘code’ – hard reset. To do a hard reset: Turn the phone off. Hold down: 3 button Green button * button While holding these down, turn on the power. All done, should be all reset. Make sure to format the memory card too!

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n85 – What kind of MP4 can it play?

So to find out why my videos weren’t playing, I wanted to see what type of video the n85 can play. n85 manual NAM It says, “RealPlayer supports files with extensions such as .3gp, .mp4, or .rm. However, RealPlayer does not necessarily support all file formats or all the variations of file formats.” So I […]

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