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Remote Desktop Ubuntu – useless?

My first major foray into Gnu/Linux was with the Gentoo flavor. Some of my friends used Debian, but the whole idea of Gentoo just appealed more to me. Once I knew a lot more of what was going on under the hood, I was attracted to Ubuntu for its focus on the desktop, while still […]

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jAOLT – FOSS ebay listing software

This software was great! But partly because it is the only one out there. Looking around for something, anything but the web interface on GNU/Linux, I found this. jAOLT works. In my usage of it so far, I haven’t had a problem. I used it to create about 20 listings in a pretty short amount […]

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Out with eee, In with the mini

Pulled the trigger on a refurb Dell Mini 9. Now my precious eeePC must go. It shall soon be set adrift upon the bay of E’s. Looking at the prices of what is out there though, I think I will do ok. Plus mine has sweet decals on it, those cost extra. Also ordered the […]

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Ubuntu – Mounting ISO files etc.

Ok, so I switched all my desktop linuxes to Ubuntu over Gentoo. Servers are still Gentoo, but I want to be in the main stream for desktop OSes. This is mainly so I can support my friends usage of the OS. So I just wanted to comment on a nice script for mounting you ISO […]

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Gnu/Linux and Dell CPi A366

So I’ve been telling a friend that I have a laptop for him. Now he actually wants it. So I went and turned it on; apparently I once thought that it would be a good idea to put Gentoo on the thing. So I logged in and ran emerge –sync which didn’t take too long. […]

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