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OS X on Dell D420

After running Ubuntu Karmic Koala for about a month on the my Dell D420, I have decided to give OS X a try. I started here. Ended up here. 10.5 was a bust. 10.6 works great! The process I used was: 1. Get 10.6 disc or disc image. 2. Make an external hard drive version […]

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Android YouTube hella sweeter.

Full youtube on G1/T-Mobile vs. cramped/restricted youtube on iPod touch, even on my own wifi. Discuss.

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MS-1057 – Reincarnated

I got back my MS-1057. Installed new Intel t7600. Upgraded to 4 gig of CAS 4 RAM. Eph’ed up the video cable while re-assembling. Everything that was black, turned red. Of course, I read that this could be something that indicates a broken video inverter or the like. And if it was that category of […]

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OS X Homebrew Terminal Theme

Awesome! This is built in to OS X. Transparent black, green font. Then I needed to install a Consolas! Sweet.

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Dell Mini 9 – Arrived.

Dell Mini 9 is here! I haven’t actually gotten it in my hands yet, the hardware is sitting at home waiting! Work, then soccer practice, work out, yearbook committee then, maybe I will play with it. The 32gb hd and 2gb RAM should be here tomorrow!

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