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Google redirects are annoying as shit.

March 18th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in software, web

WTF google. Do you not think that I want to get to google.com when I type it? Seriously. I don’t care where the hell I am. If I type google.de, then send me there. If I type google.nl, send me there. But if I type google.com, then SEND ME TO GOOGLE.COM. I don’t care if I am in Germany or the Netherlands. Do what I say!!!!!

If you are experiencing this maddening issue, type google.com/ncr.

This mean google.com/NO COUNTRY REDIRECT. It should stop your issues, but WTF.

But seriously, why should I have to type this?????

So annoying. Google, heed my words. STOP THE MADNESS.

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